I write about national security and related issues in the law and ethics of tech. Selected pieces:

•  “What the CIA could learn from the UK apology in Belhaj," Lawfare, June 2018.

•  “I Have a Few Questions for Gina Haspel,” with Fatima Boudchar, New York Times, May 2018.

•  “Ten Questions Trump’s CIA Director Nominee Should Answer,” The Atlantic, Mar 2018.

•  “The Meaning of Yemen's Secret Prisons,” The Atlantic, June 2017.

•  “Why Can't Britain Apologise to these Victims of Rendition?” The Guardian, Jan 2017.

•  “Killing in the Name of Algorithms,” Al Jazeera, March 2014.

•  “Gitmo is Killing Me,” with Samir Moqbel, New York Times, Apr 2013.


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